2010 Weekly Contest

Weekly Contest 2

I understand it is exam preparation time, so the deadline is Sunday, 14th June, and hopefully these questions are easier. Furthermore, I feel uneasy about copying and pasting the question to our wiki, so I won't put the question on the wiki page; you'll just find the link and a space for discussion.

The focus this week is on dynamic programming, and I do hope that the questions I chose are quite straightforward.

481 - What Goes Up
674 - Coin Change
10271 - Chopsticks
11171 - SMS

Weekly Contest 1

The deadline was Sunday May 30th, 2010.

Here are the problems:


Participant 10224 489 499
David Black ct.gif ct.gif
Evan Conway ct.gif ct.gif
Eamon Delaney ct.gif ct.gif
Stephen Pearson ct.gif ct.gif
Daniel Sutantyo ct.gif ct.gif
Kenneth Tsui ct.gif ct.gif
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