Weekly Contest

The purpose of the weekly contest is to encourage you to practise by attemping a few questions. Each week a set of questions will be released, each question worths one point regardless of difficulty. To submit a solution, click on the link to UVA page at the bottom of every question, which will take you to the UVA page for the question where you can make a submission (read the introduction page in case you have not done so).

Once your submission is accepted by UVA, please forward the acceptance email to either ua.ude.qm|oytnatus.leinad#ua.ude.qm|oytnatus.leinad or ua.ude.qm|ganabac.ttam#ua.ude.qm|ganabac.ttam, and we will update the scoreboard. We will provide prizes for eliglble top performers at the end of the contest run (which will be sometime in September), most likely some Apple products kindly donated by AUC. An eligible participant is someone who meets the requirements for competing in ACM regional qualifier.

Contest rules (DRAFT)

  1. You can submit as many times as you like to the UVA site, there is no penalty for trying over and over again until you get it right. In fact, we encourage you to try and try again until you do get it right. There is no time penalty either, it doesn't matter when you submit (as long as you email us before the deadline).
  2. You can work and discuss the questions with anyone you like, provided that they don't just give you the answer. Please abide by the honour code and don't cheat!
  3. Please do not post solutions or hints on the comment section until the deadline has passed.

2010 Weekly Contest

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